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Brand new scored feature documentary"JAZZ GODFATHER" On theater now starting from K’s Cinema and Cinema Kobe!!

Newest scored feature film "A theater with a view" Coming Soon

Butterfly CM

Produced the Butterfly Commercial




Kyoji's brand new work!! Paralympic supporting event "Dare to Overcome" Anthem!!

The very first "Little Lovers"/td> Yui Little Lovers 2nd Theme anthem is also available for streaming

Kyoji Ohno's music for sleeping have become an official playlist of JVCKenwood Entertainment.Please check out the Sleepingmusic playlist page

Kyoji Ohno's piano work have become an official playlist of JVCKenwood Entertainment Please check out the Piano work playlist page

Originally a commercial song but Bossa Nova song with a Japanese taste"So Happy Dream" now available from streaming

・ "So Happy Dream"Available from each streaming platforms。Check out thePet music platform

Playlist by my recent filmscore works in a past decade


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・We've made several playlists and built a Playlist page. Please check it out.


・Theme from Little Lovers 2ndwas re-released on streaming


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