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Songs for motion pictures

The door into tommorrow

  • Listen to the song of the game"Little Lovers 2nd"
  • Song from the simulation game "Little Lovers 2nd" Starring Maaya Sakamoto

  • Image promotion song for the company
  • Song used for sales promotion campaign for dog shampoo company

  • <
  • Sales promotion Song
  • Sales promotion and corporate identity song


  • Theme from the filmscore "This world of ours"
  • From Award winning film"This world of ours"


  • Theme from "Anybody but youーCalling you"
  • From popular Novelist "Otsu-ichi"s drama

    Sound Logo Jingle

  • Sound logo image of the cosmetic product
  • Sound logo expressing the image of the product.

    Music for TV programs

    Viva! Peru!

  • "Viva! Peru!"
  • TV programs for the sightseeing of peru entitled "VIVA! Peru!" Features the folklore instruments of Peru


    Theme from TV drama "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"

  • Tetsuko no Sodatekata
  • Theme from a comedy drama about a girl who wants to be a female personality of the TV station
    On aired at Nagoya TV



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