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Hybrid Music Inc- a Music production company

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Sound Contents,Narration, Voiceover, and Music and sound effects for Games and simulators

1.We've built a NFT webpage


Rarible(10 pieces available)

Portion(10 pieces available)


Rarible(10 pieces available)


Dusk High Quality version

Dusk series

NFT combined with photos and music.Photos taken at cruiser ship in Atlantic near Canary Island.
Enjoy the photos of the ocean along with relaxation music.
Music composed and performed by Kyoji Ohno Photos by Kyoji Ohno


1.Sound Contents (Narration,Music,Sound effects)

Hybrid music has been producing Music and soundeffects for games,computer graphics, virtual reality video and films for long time.
We also produces Narration sound contents and voiceover contents for e-learning contents or games, simulators ,videos and websites.

1. Music for computer graphics , games. flash contents, and professional videos.
2. Soundeffects for computer graphics , games. flash contents, and professional videos.
3. Narration and voiceover contents for e-learning contents computer graphics and software , games, flash contents, and professional videos.
4. File conversion for Sound Music Narration
5. Noise reduction for old recording masters, digitizing the cassette and other old recording.(Some noise may not be reducable, please inquire for details) 6. Narration and voiceover can be localized in 4 languages (English,Japanese,Chinese (Beijing), and Korean)

Virtual Micro Studio
Running water museum Aichi Prefecture Japan

Virtual Kids
Fukuoka Children's science museum

GUNDAM Battle Operationg Simulator

3.Narration and voiceover contents

Smartphone application voice contents(Japanese)
male & Female voice

  • Android application "Tacchu" voices
  • Showakan museumMother and kids conversation

  • Showakan museum-Mother and kids conversation
  • Virtual Kids: Fukuoka (Voice with sound effects

  • Virtual Kids: Fukuoka sound contents
  • Digitizing the old cassette recording into high quality audio

  • Old tape noise reduction sample
  • Business achievement

    *Yakujiho(pharmaceutical law) e-learning narration contents Tokyo Metro gov
    *Showakan Museum (Tokyo Metro gov
    *Cyber dome (Panasonic electric) "3D contents"
    *Gundham Battle Operationg Simulator "G-BOS"(Banprest)
    *Robot Factory"(University of Sibaura Tech)
    *SIGGRAPH"Magic pallette"(NTT docomo)
    *Tokyo Science Museum "Space Joiners" Tokyo Metro gov
    *Running water museum Aich prefecture "Virtual Micro Studio"
    *Fukuoka Children's science museum "Virtual Kids"
    *e-learning voiceover contents


    4.Video Game

    PC"game "Little Lovers"

    PCgame 'Little Lovers 2nd'