Kyoji Ohno's Soundtrack samples

1.Kyoji's filmscore sample"

kyojiohno · Kyoji's filmscore sample

5 tracks of Kyoji's filmscore sample

2.Theme from feature film "This world of ours"

Won award at PFF(Pia Film Festival) and New York Asian Film Festival. Screened at 11 International Film Festivals

3.Theme from feature documentary "Let's laugh more than you weep"

Feature documentary film screened at theater nation wide. Soundtrack features Jazz version of Japanese traditional Music

4.Theme from feature film "Boring Holiday-Nakano highschool girls"

Feature film starring Japanese young girs group "San-myu"

5.Theme from TV program (documentary) "Viva Peru"

TV program documentary using Peru's folk music instrument "Quena"

6.Theme from TV drama "Testuko no Sodatekata"

Feature film starring Japanese young girs group "San-myu"

7.Theme from Noone can hear but you- calling you

Theme from radio drama. Theme composed for piano and violin only

8.Theme from Konosakamichi (The uphill climb)

From award winning short film at Short Short film festival Asia and Skip City Internation digital Film Festival. "The uphill climb".

9.Theme from Wakare-uta (The Farewell song)

Theme from award winning short film.(2film festival awards) "Wakare-uta (The Farewell song)".

10.Theme from Shang Hi Film Festival commercials

Music for commercial in Shang Hi International Film Festival and Chinese TV

Playlist by Kyoji's recent filmscore works