Music & Sound effects for museums,aquariums,amusement parks etc

The president of Hybrid music- Kyoji Ohno has taken part of "Sound designing"- composing Background music and sound effects- for Amusement parks,Museums,Aquariums, etc. Our company is also capable of designing hardware systems with producing audio and visual contents.
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1. Sound designing, producing background music and sound effects for Amusement parks,Museums,Aquariums, etc.

・"Shock119" and "Thriller House" ,Fuji-kyu highland Sound designing

Kyoji Ohno, president of Hybrid music and noted composer and sound designer has produced background music and sound effects for "Shock 119" and"Thriller house" in Fuji-kyu Highland in mid 1980's. The horror house is considered legendery and still noted for it'sscary image of the attraction. Probably one of the most scariest horror attraction in amusement park history,
Our company is also capable of designing audio systems and it's maintanance

・Aichi prefecture museum
Virtual micro studio

Adventure inside the sewage.Simulating the microsubmarine by computer graphics and sounds

・Fukuoka children's museum
Virtual Kids

Kids experiencing space station life by virtual reality.Kids also can play games to solve the problems inside the space station.

Sound design for Chimes、Time signal tones

・Produced chimes for Seibu department stores

Hybrid music have produced original chimes and bells for Seibu Department store in Shibuya and Ikebukuro Tokyo


3D motorcycle sound

  • ・Time original tone

    Original time bell tone for city park