Relaxation Music produced by Hybridmusic

Kyoji Ohno- President of Hybrid music is known in Japan as a composer of Relaxation music and New age music
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(C)Kose cosmetivs

We have produced the ambient and relaxation music for esthetics and cosmetic care. Written for distinguished cosmetic company "Kose cosmetics"
The music is written for superior brand of Kose cosmetics calledCosme Decorte

Cosme Decorte AQMW

"Sleeping Music No.1"composed by Kyoji Ohno can be seen at you tube
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JVC Colezo! Best! Counter-stress music (VICG-41168)

  • Kyoji Ohno: Sleeping Music

  • Sleeping Music No.1
  • Ohno has series of work called "Sleeping Music" shich guides people to sleeping

    Mandhala behind darkness

  • Mandhala behind darkness

  • New Age Synthesizer music

    C'est une nuit tranquille(Piano music)

  • C'est une nuit tranquilles

  • Piano solo piece by Kyoji Ohno


  • Wonderland

  • A short synthesizer fantasy music