Hybrid music Inc.Achievements & Works

1. Sound producing for artists

Lillies Dragon/Karinga

Listen to Dragon/Lillies

KYOJI; metanature

Listen to metanature Vision

Commercial song for plastic manufacturing company "Ritchell”

Listen to Ritchell commercial song

Ambient music for cosmetic company

(C)Kose cosmetivs
We have produced the ambient and relaxation music for esthetics and cosmetic care. Written for distinguished cosmetic company "Kose cosmetics"
The music is written for superior brand of Kose cosmetics calledCosme Decorte
Cosme Decorte AQMW http://www.cosmedecorte.com/aq_mw/

"Sleeping Music No.1"composed by Kyoji Ohno can be seen at you tube
For details of this album click here

JVC Colezo! Best! Counter-stress music (VICG-41168)

2.Album Producing

Hybrid music produces vatious styles of music. Hybrid music also produced new age albums for more than 30 titles

・Club Music ・Soundtrack ・Pop music
Kyoji's "metanature" Nobody can hear ーCalling you Lillies "Daisy"

KYOJI; metanature(Tree-5001)

From Novel of Otsu-ichi
Producedv by Movic Inc
Pioneer LDC

Lilies "Daisy"
(Captain Music)

Music for relaxation

Sleeping Music

Music for Concentration

Diet Music
Other Artists

Sonia Wonderland
Pioneer LDC

Seiji TanakaーSukoyaka Family

Tadashi SatohーEnglish study song

・Relaxation music for Esthetic Music for Cosme Decorte AQMW
・Commercial song for Richell Ltd
・Kawaii music instruments teaching material "Music together" "Sound tree"
・Commercial song K-wan
・Album of Tomoko Yoshioka "Gluck"
・cMegumi Okutsu "Mirai"
・Single of Lillies"Daisy"
・Single of Lillies Karinga/Dragon
・Pet music for dogs (JVC Victor)
・Album of Sonia Wonderland(Pioneer LDC)
・Album of Tadashi Satoh”Learn English grammer by singing"(JVC Victor)
・Album of Seiji Tanaka(JVC Victor)

Music for motion pictures

documentary film−"Let's laugh as many as we weep"

Rakugo- a Japanese classical comedy talking.Kanpei Hayshiya who suffered the brain hemorage fights for comback despite of his invalid body.(Keiichiro Takefuji:Director)

Theme from TV drama "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"

Theme from "Tetsuko no Sodatekata"

Theme from a comedy drama about a girl who wants to be a female personality of the TV station
On aired at Nagoya TV

From film "The disorder"

Theme from the film "The disorder""

h4>Movie about teasing and violence in schools directed by Masatoshi Tojo. The music was for inauspicious scene in the movie

Theme from "This world of ours"

Theme from "This world of ours"

Won awards atPia film festival,New york Asian film festival
Sensational film directed by Ryo Nakajima.
The film was shown in 7 Countries worldwide, and received vital responce from all over the world

Nobody but you can hear itーcalling you

Theme from "Nobody but you can hear itーcalling you "

Theme from CD drama "Nobody but you can hear. Soundtrack theme written for solo violin and piano.

Short film "This uphill climb"

Theme from "This uphill climb"

Won award (screenplay)atIsumi movie festivalnominated work atSkip City International Digital Film festival & Short Short Film Festival Asia .Love story with sweet and sour taste.

Theme from "Yama-Oni"

The "Yama-Oni" A computer graphic animation with Ghibli influence. Received "Bien award"At Toride open air film festival

Music by Video

Salome (Macoto Tezuka)

Opheria (Macoto Tezuka)

・Music for PC Games

Little Lovers
featuring,Konami Yoshida,Shoko Sugawara,Yuko Sasamoto

The world's first Love simulation game.

"Little Lovers 2nd
featuring;Maaya Sakamoto

Little Lovers second version.!! Theme music was very popular among the "Little Lover" fan。


・Music for film ""Nakano High school girl's Boring Holiday"(Kei Nakada)
・Music for Documentary film "Let's laugh as many as we weep"(Keiichito Tajefuji director)
・Music for TV Drama "Tstsuko no sodatekata"
・Music for film "The disorder"(Masatoshi Tojo director)
・Educational movie"Fight the bullying"(Junior high vers)Ministry of Education Selection
・Educational movie"Fight the bullying"(Elementary school vers)Special selection of Ministry of Education
・Short film "This is why I can't sleep" (Directed by Keiichiro Takefuji
・CG animation "Yamaoni"Bien award Toride open air film festival
・"This world of ours"(Ryo Nakajima director)
Won 3 prizes in Pia film festival、Rookie director of the year; New york asian film festival
・Drama CD Nobody but you can hear itーcalling you (PioneerLDC)
・"Deserted hospital」(Masato Sasaki directir)
・Video game Little Lovers (Nikkei Video Bank)
・Video game Little Lovers 2nd(Nikkei Video Bank)

Hybrid music is one of the pioneer company which produces sound contents solution for CG simulators, games.It's achievement drew many attention from the industry peoples.Following is some of our achievement producing music,narration and sound effents for computer contents.

Hybrid music's one of the most unique achievement is the production of music and sound contents of the voice-recognition site" V-portal" by NTT communications. All BGM and voice (spoken in Japanese) is sound-designed by Hybrid music!!。"Virtual micro studio"
Aich sewer museum-people learns the process of water filtering plant by playing "innerspace"games
"Virtual kids"
Fukuoka science museum-computer simulation of the space station which is currently under construction. It's fun to play and kids can learn various science from this simulator

3-D Audio

Hybrid Music has produced the 3 dimensional audio for various situations and recording sessions。
The 3 dimensional phase can be played in PC environments For details please check our3-D sound page

Speaker enviroment is OK, but listening in headphones are more recommended

Motorcycle passing by


Kyoji Ohno's music using Roland's RSS system

Music composition usingRSS 3D Audio system