NEW!Season's playlist

1.Spring relaxation music playlist

2.Summer Ambient music playlist

3.Kyoji's cafe music for Nomad BGM

4.Kyoji's autumn music

Standard music playlist

1.Music for sleeping. ーMusic for sleeping.

Recommend to set the volume slightly less than medium and listen this playlist at bedtime

2.Deep Relaxation.

How about a deep ambient music playlist? 3-dimensional sound space music

3.Acoustic Relaxation.

Relaxation Music playlist featuring my acoustic music tracks

4.Kyoji Ohno's Film music works.

Playlist based on my filmscoring works for past 10 years

5.Kyoji Ohno piano music relaxation曲

Made a piano music playlist from recently re-released my relaxation works in March 24

NEW! 6.Pet Music playlist for dogs and owner/

7.Kyoji's club music

Kyoji's Techno and club music playlist

8.Kyoji Ohno's Music

Includes"metanature" and other tracks