Hybrid music Inc

Hybrid Music Inc- a Music production company

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Hybrid Music's commercial music, sound logos, jingles production

We will produce Hybrid Music's commercial music, sound logos, jingles production within reasonable budget

We are capable of making a wide varieties of music for various situations

Image campaign song for products

  • Song written for product promotion
  • Song expressing partnership between pet dog and the owner. Campaign song of the dog shampoo.


    Sales promotion song for corporate identity

  • Song for Ritchell Ltd
  • 企業用販促テーマソング試聴

  • A song written for company who wants their company's name to be more recognized.The distinguished plastic manufacturer but their name is not well-known.

    Sound Logo Jingle

  • 商品イメージジングル

  • Sound logo jingle for cosmetic product

    Vportal Jingle

  • Jingle for web radio in Japan


    ・Asahi Kasei Evance
    ・Tamagawa Takashimaya sound logo jingle
    ・J-WAVE sound logo jingle
    ・Bayern pharmaceuticals
    ・NTT communications、V-portal Sound logo Jingle
    ・Commercial for Hoken Clinic
    ・K-wan image campaign song
    ・Ritchell sales promotion song
    ・Vernal Kihana sound logo jingle